The memorial park Medellin is an initiative that gives voice to the victims who suffered as a result of the conflict associated with narcos in Medellin.

It is a project that is part of a public-private effort under the name “Medellin embraces its history”. This is a topic that we intend to address globally, without ignoring our past nor what we went through.

What does the memorial park Medellin offer?

– The introduction area: There are more than 46 thousand victims between 1983 and 1994. The park is built in the same place where Pablo Escobar came to build the Monaco building, it was visited for many years by tourists, but the “narcotour” was never well seen, given that this is a very sensitive issue and because we continue to see documentaries, merchandise, t-shirts glorifying Pablo Escobar or just portraying him as a hero, likewise there are tours guided by people who claim to have been part of the Medellin cartel, like his brother.

-The path of heroes: there are atriums with quotes from people who serve as a role model for new generations.

– The mural of more than 70 meters long, where there are more than 46 thousand holes, representing the victims. Visitors can set a flower, honoring and paying tribute those people. On the back of the wall there is a timeline, with over 200 tragic events, bombs and attacks, highlighting then the fact that we want to reconstruct our memories so that WE DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES IN THE FUTURE AGAIN.

– Finally, we run into a tree that remained standing, representing the resilience and spirit of our people, who always stand our ground despite adversity and move on, without ignoring our roots nor where we come from.

Is it a good idea to go on a Pablo Escobar tour/city tour Medellin.

A fence is surrounding the park, which are the remains of Pablo’s Monaco building, because… Medellin embraces its history! and our goal is to educate and review our own history.

There are several tour agencies in Medellin with certified guides who make sure visitors understand what is behind Pablo Escobar. That is the purpose of the Pablo Escobar tours, simply education and history.

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